lg g4 leather back cover-Black
Wireless Charging & NFC Genuine Leather Battery Back Cover For LG G4 H815 H811 VS986 US991 F500 LS991 (Genuine Leather-Black)

NeWisdom Wireless Charging & NFC Genuine Leather Battery Back Cover For LG G4 H815 H811 VS986 US991 F500 LS991 (Genuine Leather-Black)

Product Description

Color: G4 Leather Back

100% Genuine OEM Original LG Mobile Parts Replacement original battery cover type Genuine leather coated on the outer surface. Available Colors : Black Leather, Brown Leather, Blue Leather.

Product Features

  • Made of Eco-friendly Genuine Leather.
  • Come with Qi Wireless Charging & NFC Antenna Receiver.Wireless charging support H815 H811 F500 VS986 LS991,NOT SUPPORT AT&T H810 H812 & lg g4 dual sim
  • 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE within 30 Days if it is our product quality problem.
  • We suggest you use together with NeWisdom® wireless charging dock or official LG wireless charging base to enable more steady wireless charging function.
  • As it is new technology,any problem you meet ,please contact us,we can communicate and solve together 100%. Negative feedback can not solve problem for u. If you like to write negative review or feedback,please do not place order,thank you.

Technical Details

  • With wireless charging receiver
  • With NFC function
  • Genuine Leather
Hear what others have to say.
4.9 / 5
  • Aroon Pandya 2016-08-31 13:58:47
    Very easy to attach and still works with my Tudia case ...
    Very easy to attach and still works with my Tudia case on my phone. Only down side is that certain Qi chargers seem to produce a high pitched whistling noise while charging. I have been using a Remmision 3 coil charger with no noise. Battery can get warm when charing but this is somewhat expected and not to levels I am concerned with.
  • Northway Household 2016-08-31 13:58:03
    After much research I decided to go the easy route to take the stress off of messing up ...
    I was debating on this LG G4 back cover, or the DIY version of making the G4 wireless charging capable. After much research I decided to go the easy route to take the stress off of messing up or not placing the device in the right spot as it needs to align up exactly with the connectors. I love how easy and convenient the wireless charging option is!
  • Amazon Customer 2016-08-31 13:57:06
    Very nice
    Very nice fits perfect. My phone case fits like a glove. Best money spent should have got this for my phone a long time ago.
  • Blake 2016-08-31 13:56:44
    Like a charm.
    Works just fine! It was a little tight to put on at first but after a while it's fine.
  • Nathaniel Marotta 2016-07-25 10:24:51
    Five Stars
    Strong material and wireless charging works great.
  • Fabio 2016-07-25 10:23:38
    Everything went perfect.
    Great quality product, perfect fit. fast shipping.
  • Michel Behna 2016-07-25 10:22:55
    Easy upgrade
    Works beautifully. Furthermore I don't have to worry about warranty issues since I don't have to modify the original back that came with my phone or figure out how to line up the contacts.
  • Amazon Customer 2016-07-25 10:04:48
    LG G4 back case wireless charging case
    Works great! Even works on the Samsung charging pad.
  • John 2016-07-25 09:59:10
    Five Stars
    Great cover. My wife says it feels great in her hand
  • John 2016-07-25 09:58:34
    Five Stars
    Great cover. My wife says it feels great in her hand
  • brian 2016-07-25 09:57:36
    Fast shipping
    Works great..no problems
  • Juan Carlos Linares 2016-07-25 09:57:22
    High quality product!
    Excellent fit to my LG G4. The Qi charging works great!. I thought my phone could get too warm because of the Qi charging, but it doesn't. It charges very fast, I am using the vlight charger!.
  • Jay 2016-07-25 09:51:46
    Leather is still looking good a few weeks later
    Works as well as any OEM solution. Wireless charging on the old version of the LG mat. Leather is still looking good a few weeks later.
  • Jay 2016-07-25 09:51:37
    Leather is still looking good a few weeks later
    Works as well as any OEM solution. Wireless charging on the old version of the LG mat. Leather is still looking good a few weeks later.
  • Mikey 2016-07-25 09:51:12
    Worked after a fix from the seller.
    Color: G4 Leather Back|Verified Purchase Wireless charging works, but NFC does not. If I put on the original back nfc works fine. The original nfc contact pads are larger than the ones on this back. I tried putting some electrical tape under the nfc pads but no joy. Disappointing. *** UPDATE 3/9/16 - The seller contacted me and sent me a new set of stickers to be installed inside the back. While I was hesitant about being able to install the sticker properly, it worked fine and now my new back is 100% - both wireless charging and NFC work fine. I have updated the review to 4 stars. Thanks to the seller for stepping up and correcting my problem.
  • Jonathan Yip 2016-07-25 09:50:25
    faux leather is pretty durable as
    Works straight out of the box, faux leather is pretty durable as well
  • trackerman 2016-07-25 09:49:30
    ... well to LG L4 and connects to wireless charger fine. Works as advertised
    Fit well to LG L4 and connects to wireless charger fine. Works as advertised.
  • Gustavo Jimenez Vindas 2016-07-25 09:49:06
    Five Stars
    its works perfect
  • D. Paul 2016-07-25 09:48:53
    It shipped in a sturdy box so it wasn't damaged
    Product was just as advertised. Works perfectly with my LG G4. It shipped in a sturdy box so it wasn't damaged. If you are looking to try a wireless charging cover for your LG G4 I would recommend you check this one out.
  • James 2016-05-24 04:20:35
    Works well on LG G4
    Both the NFC and wireless charging work perfectly on my LG G4 even with a case on it. Highly recommend watching the videos in the instructions before fitting.
  • Mr C. 2016-05-19 04:21:54
    Good product
    Good quick service from the supplier, Works very well with both my wireless carkit and home docking charger. Charge times are obviously slower than wired, but still quick enough (Around 3 hrs). This leather back comes preinstalled with the wireless arial making installation a simple swap of the back. The quality of the leather is good, would be very hard to distinguish from the original LG product.
  • GEORGE S 2016-05-19 04:21:24
    Absolutely love my new leather cover
    Absolutely love my new leather cover. Wireless charging works a treat too. The leather back gives the G4 that extra feel of elegance. I decided to go with this particular one rather than the genuine LG one because of the NeWisdom wireless charging built in, and I'm very pleased that I did. Can't fault it in any way.
  • BritHorrorHound 2016-05-19 04:20:56
    Buy one!
    Not cheap, but well worth it. A breeze to install, just take off the old back, and snap this into place, perfect fit, with no gaps. Place it on the charging pad, and that's it. Indistinguishable from the original black leather back, mine has the G4 logo on it. No more fiddling about with USB ports! Highly recommended.
  • MR JON PHILLIPS 2016-05-19 04:20:24
    Looks good, fits perfectly and works well.
    Looks good, fits perfectly, and enables my G4 to wireless charge in just the same way as my G3 did (on my existing LG wireless charger stand).
  • trackerman 2016-05-19 02:53:32
    ... well to LG L4 and connects to wireless charger fine. Works as advertised
    Fit well to LG L4 and connects to wireless charger fine. Works as advertised.
  • Sarah S 2016-05-17 01:21:41
    Get it!! It works!!
    I purchased this updated chip little under a week ago and recieved it in two days. I wasn't 100% sure how to put it on but it was fairly easy to figure out and I got it right on my first attempt. All you need to do is blow dry the back of your phone for a bit and have long nails or a small flathead screwdriver to peel back the sticker, then blow dry at the same time you're peeling back the sticker to make sure it doesn't rip. After that, you align the new sticker to the best of your ability and BAM you can now charge your phone wirelessly! BTW, Wireless charging and NFC work flawlessly. I recommend this for LG G4 users.
  • Wulv 2016-05-17 01:08:43
    Great product, Micro USB port saver!
    This was for a Verizon LG G4. Worked upon first install, no problem! Well worth the money, no more USB cords to worry about or damaging the micro USB port on the phone over time! Like others have said mark the phone back with a fine point marker to make alignment easier and quicker. This is thicker than the original NFC sticker so the back tends to go on tighter than previously. Otherwise I had no issues installing or getting this to work!
  • Nicole the Great 2016-05-17 01:04:25
    Great charge
    Out took me awhile to get the metal pieces to line up, but when I got it, out worked fantastically! This charges wirelessly and had a further range than my last one. Note: make sure the back cover does not have anything on it. You'll have to remove the sticker that came with the Verizon model. Also, the back does get pretty warm while charging, but child of pretty quickly once removed or fully charged.
  • chiburbbrat 2016-05-17 01:02:56
    Works great, understand how it works before you install it
    This works great, and the seller was very helpful. I didn't read the directions or end it at first and I ended up having to peel it off and do it a second time but it worked great the second time. on the edges there are metal contracts that must match perfectly against the phone when the cover is put back on. There is no room for error. Once I fixed the placement of it, and I'm happy it came with more than one cover sticker Incase you mess up, it worked great. I recommend this product.
  • Courtney 2016-05-16 10:29:04
    Outstanding Customer Service!
    I was having problems with the chip, so I contacted NeWisdom CS for help. They were SO helpful and right away have me suggestions and when those didn't work, have offered to send me a replacement for free. I chose this chip because of reviews from other users and am definitely pleased with the customer service support. Thank you NeWisdom!
  • Amazon Customer 2016-05-16 10:28:36
    Pain in my ass, just get the entire back plate.
    Good luck getting it perfect. I !strongly! Suggest you buy the entire back plate. Its such a bitch to get perfect. Just eat the extra and slap it on with zero work. Really depends what your time is worth. The shiping was suprisingly fast and the back plate combo with the NYC chip works like dream. Get one!!
  • MCPRO 2016-05-16 10:28:00
    Great QI reciever!
    This QI receiver was easy to install and use. It went right into my LG G4 leather back and works great! Step by step instructions are included so you really cannot mess it up. The shipping was fast and the packaging was great!
  • Andrew Ensley 2016-05-16 10:27:36
    Worked first time. No contact problems.
    It works. I marked the inside of my battery cover with a marker before removing the pre-installed NFC sticker, so I would know exactly where the contacts should be. Slapped this thing in, and it worked the firs time I tried it. No issues at all.
  • Rob S. 2016-05-16 10:27:13
    Fits Under the Leather Back!
    This Qi and NFC tag fits under the OEM leather back. That's enough for a five-star review from me. Installation is pretty straightforward, just be sure to align everything properly or you might run into problems.
  • Distorted Loop 2016-05-16 10:26:51
    See installation WARNING, but works great!
    This works as advertised. I have both NFC and wireless charging on my Verizon LG G4 after replacing the stock NFC chip with the one offered here, and that's enough to earn it a five star rating. Installation is pretty simple and straightforward, the most difficult part is getting the old stick and its glue off the back plate. I ended up using some isopropyl alcohol to clean up residual glue. Lining up the two different contacts strip is very easy, as there are indentations in the back plate for both of them. WARNING: I checked that the contacts were lined up properly prior to completely affixing the new NFC chip by putting the back plate back on the phone and checking both wireless charging and NFC function. It worked, so I completed installation by pressing down all the glue on the NFC chip, and then by applying the cover-up sticker that ships with this, and is listed as "optional" in the meager instructions. When I placed the back plate back on the phone, NFC still worked but the wireless charging didn't. Turns out that the optional additional sticker adds just enough thickness to the back plate to keep the wireless charging contacts from making contact with the phone's pins. Peeling that off restored proper function. My advice, don't bother with the optional sticker.
  • Troy Glidden 2016-05-16 10:26:28
    Worked as expected, but slightly difficult to install
    Circle case for $40 - $50 and lose my leather cover. So, I started searching for alternatives and found this piece of magic! The product enabled me to utilize both NFC (Google Wallet, sending/receiving pictures, etc.) and Wireless Charging using my LG Qi Charging Pad. The directions included in the box were very clear and the measurements were spot on. The only issue I have with the measurements is the use of centimeters because it is somewhat difficult to have a ruler that is readily available with centimeters in my home (That's what I get for living in America, right?). Additionally, it can take a bit of time and attempts to install properly. I believe I attempted the installation about six times before getting it just right. The only drawback is that the Wireless Charging contact point is not elevated fully to touch the points on the back of the device. I resolved this by applying a very thin spacer underneath the connector and it provided a contact with the back housing, allowing my phone to charge wirelessly. Two tips to ensure it is working: - Have an NFC enabled device handy to test NFC support (you'd hate to go somewhere and find it doesn't work when you try to pay!) - Have a Qi charger handy so that you can test the charging support (That's the point of buying this thing, right?) I waited to install the protective sticker over the chip until I was confident that both NFC and Wireless Charging worked. The product itself is manufactured pretty well and it feels sturdy. The adhesive on the back is very good and it secures easily and firmly to my back housing. The adhesive doesn't become worn after applying, removing and reapplying in the event hat you don't align the contact points just right the first time, or the second time or the fifth time. :) Overall, I am extremely pleased with this product. I saved about $30 - $40 total for a "DIY" option.
  • Amazoner 2016-05-16 10:25:41
    Worth the ten bucks
    Wow, I can't believe how easy it was to install this wireless charging adaptor in my G4. They provide a short installation guide with links to Youtube videos but I found the whole process rather easy. Just make sure to mark the position of the original charging pins on the back cover before removing the original NFC chip. Also, when removing the original chip, make sure to heat it up with a hair dryer first. Otherwise, you might have some residue left on the back cover after peeling every thing off. Since I was able to remove the original sticker cover without tearing it apart, I reused it to cover the wireless charger chip instead of using the provided stickers (looks much better without the NeWisdom logo and "Made in China" text in my opinion). If you're looking for a G4 wireless charging adaptor, this one works perfectly. EDIT: After using the receiver for over a month, I've notice that my battery is draining quicker than usual. However, NeWisdom was helpful in refunding the purchase.
  • Amazon Customer 2016-05-16 10:22:22
    As long as your placement is perfect it will work fine
    Watch the you tube on how to install. I heated it up and got it off. Not quite as smoothly as the demo showed but it came off. Had to heat it half way through again but it's really no problem. I installed two, one mine and one on my wife's phone. It it breaks and tears trying to get the original off no big deal. just heat it more and peel the rest off. Placement if critical so look closley where the original one is first and match up where the two original connecters were EXACTLY. Also make sure it is perfectly square on the back and the charging connecters will be in the correct spot. As long as your placement is perfect it will work fine.
  • BigBuyGuy 2016-05-16 10:21:57
    Easy as putting on a screen protector
    It was fairly simple to install by following the included directions. It helped a lot to heat the old sticker with a hair dryer before attempting to remove it. The directions include measurments n CM for aligning the new sticker which helped alot. I was able to get it lugged correcty on the first try. Put the cover back on and put my phone on my wireless charger and it instantly started charging. I'm verry happy with this product.