Lg g4 leather back-Brown
Wireless Charging & NFC Genuine Leather Battery Back Cover For LG G4 H815 H811 VS986 US991 F500 LS991 (Genuine Leather-Black)

NeWisdom Wireless Charging & NFC Genuine Leather Battery Back Cover For LG G4 H815 H811 VS986 US991 F500 LS991 (Genuine Leather-Brown)

Product Description

Color: G4 Leather Brown

100% Genuine OEM Original LG Mobile Parts Replacement original battery cover type Genuine leather coated on the outer surface. Available Colors : Black Leather, Brown Leather, Blue Leather.

Product Features

  • Made of Eco-friendly Genuine Leather.
  • Come with Qi Wireless Charging & NFC Antenna Receiver.Wireless charging support H815 H811 F500 VS986 LS991,NOT SUPPORT AT&T H810 H812 & lg g4 dual sim
  • 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE within 30 Days if it is our product quality problem.
  • We suggest you use together with NeWisdom® wireless charging dock or official LG wireless charging base to enable more steady wireless charging function.
  • As it is new technology,any problem you meet ,please contact us,we can communicate and solve together 100%. Negative feedback can not solve problem for u. If you like to write negative review or feedback,please do not place order,thank you.

Technical Details

  • With wireless charging receiver
  • With NFC function
  • Genuine Leather
Hear what others have to say.
5.0 / 5
  • Alexis & Damon 2016-08-16 14:33:31
    Five Stars
    Works great for my LG G4
  • Jando92 2016-07-25 10:29:24
    Five Stars
    Nice look cover. Easy to install, charged up on wireless charger 1st try. No problems
  • RickChicago 2016-05-16 10:17:13
    Excellent and easy to do!
    Followed the directions, and.... I now have Qi charging again for my new LG G4! I upgraded from an LG G3 and for that phone I bought the whole back case with the Qi stickers attached. For my new phone, I thought I might as well just buy the Qi sticker itself and DIY it and save sonre money. It was easy. TIP: I did a dry run by tracing the new sticker's outline on top of the existing one using a fine tipped marker. I extended the lines out of the outline itself to register key marks such as where the gold contacts should be. The included instructions were excellent. I did find the new sticker to be thicker but I didn’t have problems putting the case back on the phone. I would buy this again in a heartbeat!
  • James Chiocchio 2016-05-16 10:16:40
    Cheap, functional and easy to install.
    Easy way to add wireless charging while keeping the NFC capability on your LG G4. It was easy to heat up the back cover and remove the old NFC tag and replace it with this Wireless Qi/NFC combo. I didn't cover it with the included stickers because I didn't feel the need to. I don't notice any thickness difference with this installed. It'll charge my G4 at 500-800mA which is fine by me since I use the wireless charging capability to keep it 'topped off'. While I'm at work, it's easy to drop this on the wireless charging pad and grab it and go whenever I need it. Saves wear and tear on the USB port and keeps my phone fully charged all day.
  • J. youngson 2016-05-16 10:16:13
    Perfect Item for a Perfect Phone
    There isn't much to say here. I bought one for each of my 3 leather backs. It works as described, and does it perfectly. I had it installed in a matter of seconds, and it connected on the first try. This is a great item for anyone looking to get wireless charging on their LG G4, and still keep the sleek look of the leather back.
  • JB 2016-05-16 10:15:49
    Simply works!
    After purchasing this item, I purchased a cheaper alternative that didn't work as well--the cheaper one was thicker, wasn't detected by my transmitter half the time, and got much hotter during charging in the one time I managed to get it to charge. Just suck it up and pay a few bucks more for this version with less headaches.
  • Takpro 2016-05-16 10:15:17
    It works just like any wireless charging phone I've ever had
    I installed this chip in about 10 minutes, start to finish. The first time it didn't make connection, so I took it back off and adjusted it;Bingo! It works just like any wireless charging phone I've ever had. It's so useful, it's difficult to understand why it isn't included with all premium phones. The LG G4 has a curved back, but this chip makes good contact and charges with my 3 Nokia chargers that I have had for several years.
  • Allen 2016-05-16 10:14:51
    Great Product - Great Service
    Very Nice Product Backed By Great Customer Service. I use this Qi chip in several of the backs for my LG G4 - H810 (AT&T) that is supposed to only wirelessly charge with PM devices and found that it worked. I checked with the NeWisdom customer service (via email as they are in China I believe) and was told while the H810 model does work the PM standard it sometimes will work with PM also. A fact that I confirmed when I could not wireless charge using another of my Qi pads. I guess I'm lucky that the chips work for me. I'm really pleased with the quick professional responses I've gotten form NeWisdom.
  • daddyful 2016-05-16 10:14:25
    other reviews are accurate. I use this along with a Tylt charger and it works. Tested both wireless charging and NFC. A previous reviewer noted that its best to leave the cover sticker off once the chip is applied because it interferes with the chip. Mine works even with the cover sticker applied, the leather back and a SUPCASE unicorn beetle series case on it but YMMV. Also did what others have noted, putting a small paper under the NFC part of the contact to "bulge" it even more so that it makes contact with the back of the phone.
  • Ivan 2016-05-16 10:13:56
    I don't know how I lived without it.
    Works like a charm, had it for a couple of days and I already love it. Installation was a little difficult for me, took me about 3 tries before I got it lined up correctly (make sure you use a ruler to mark the edges of where the chip is supposed to go, it will really help).
  • Jaelle 2016-05-16 10:13:09
    Excellent price for wireless charging
    Excellent price for wireless charging. It was easy enough to do myself and I had doubts about that. I attach a picture of a chip and with a sticker on. It comes with black, yellowish and light grey stickers and I tried to use grey first but it didn't detach nicely, so yellowish was my second choice. Overall, highly recommend!
  • TekMac 2016-05-16 10:12:35
    Exceeded all expectations for price, performance and quality.
    Easy-as-pie installation. A product - one of the few - that works better than expected, easier than expected and exceeded all parameters for quality, performance and price. SUPER easy installation and it worked flawlessly - IMMEDIATELY gained Qi wireless charging ability and NFC was better than original.
  • MynameIsAwesome 2016-05-16 10:12:08
    Works with AT&T LG G4!!!!
    Worked on the AT&T LG G4!!! I know the description said that it wouldn't but I saw a comment that someone had got it to work so I thought I'd give it a try. It worked! I use Anker Wireless Charger PowerPort Qi Wireless Charging Pad for Samsung S6 / Edge / Plus, Note 5, Nexus 4 / 5 / 6 / 7, Nokia Lumia 920, LG Optimus Vu2, HTC 8X / Droid DNA and All Qi-Enabled Devices (Black)-Retail Packaging to charge and so far so good. I did have to add a few layers of tape under the top connectors but no problems since.
  • Mike G 2016-05-16 10:11:38
    Wireless Qi Charging is Great
    Love this NeWisdom wireless Qi docking station. Works great with my awesome Microsoft Lumia 950 (best phone I've ever owned BTW). Not as fast as wired quick-charge, but perfect for docking your phone and not having to think about plugging it in. When it's finished charging, you don't have to rush over and take it off the charger either. The light changes from green to blue, slight warmth that occurs during charging disappears and you can leave your lock screen display showing at the perfect angle until you're ready to grab the phone and go.
  • James Mccarty 2016-05-16 10:10:03
    Great product and very good seller.
    This works great. Much better then the non upgraded version. It catches the signal from the charging pad even when its off by an inch. Easily charges through a fairly thick rubber case. Wonderful seller sent me the upgraded version when the old one did not work. I can't speak enough how wonderful they were to work with. Got back to me quickly and took care of my problem very fast. NeWisdom, your the best!
  • Vern 2016-05-16 10:09:12
    Works GREAT!! Easy to install.
    Super easy to install and worth every penny. I don't know why cheapskate LG just didn't make the phone with this to begin with. Lots of youtube videos to watch installation. I have put them on 2 different backs. $10 was a cheap investment for the convience. The photos are of my g4 with the new sticker, for comparison I took a picture of the back of my wife's V10 w/out wireless charging.
  • P Porter 2016-05-16 10:08:46
    but the installation directions were perfect. Works like it's advertised
    Got it today in spite of oncoming snowstorm (one day later than projected, but not the seller's delay). I was anxious about removing the NFC sticker, could have used more detailed instructions (so referred to YouTube), but the installation directions were perfect. Works like it's advertised. I'm happy.
  • Breezinby 2016-05-16 10:08:18
    It Works!
    The instructions were easy to understand. Another reviewer made the suggestion to mark the placement of the old chip before taking it out which made it very easy to place the new chip in correctly. At first, I thought I had ruined the chip because I had to take it out since I forgot to take out all of the pieces of the old chip. You have to remove everything so you only see the plastic. Even though I had placed the new chip in correctly the second time, it still wasn't charging my phone (LG G4). So I very gently bent up the 2 connections a little and now my phone charges. I did not use the extra cover as it would have made it too bulky. I use this chip with a case that has a rubber inside and a plastic back and the Newisdom Qi Wireless Charger Dock. See links below. LG G4 Case, ULAK [3 in 1 Shield] Shock Absorbing Case with Hybrid Cover Soft silicone + Hard PC Material Design for LG G4 (5.5" inch) 2015 Release Minimal Mint Stripes NeWisdom 3 Coil Desktop Qi Wireless charger dock for Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 edge/LG G4/LG V10/S6/S6 Edge/S6 Edge+/Lumia 950 950 Xl/note 5/LG G4/LG V10 All Qi-enabled Phone Black
  • Amazon Customer 2016-05-16 10:07:42
    Works wonderfully
    This is a great product. I can't believe how easy it was to turn my phone into a wireless charging phone. I would recommend this to anyone that has the LG g4 phone. The whole installation took less than a minute.
  • jaybob 2016-05-16 10:07:18
    Simple, easy and worked on the first try!
    Put this on the back of my original non-Qi LG back plate and now it charges great! Using a 1.5A USB adapter and Yootech charger, I charge at 750mA, which I believe is a pretty reasonable speed from my understanding. Recommend you get a small ruler for alignment, but I just eyeballed it off the positioning of a charger sticker on another one of my back-plates.