iphone 7 Plus Shockproof wood case
Non Slip,Shockproof,Thin Genuine Natural Wood Layer over High-end TPU Rubber to make it unique

iPhone 7 Plus Case,
NeWisdom® Unique Shock Proof Hybrid [Wood over Rubber] Soft Real Wood Case for Apple iPhone7 Plus

1. UNIQUE. Genuine Natural wood layer over soft TPU rubber. No two are same.

2. WELL DESIGNED. Shock Absorbing, non slip, not bulky. Good grip. Fits well, buttons responsive, easy to put on and off as well.

3. FANTASTIC GIFTS. Good gift for your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend/brother/sister /friends, ect.

4. Note: Do not bend it too hard to avoid breaking natural wood layer. We suggest you use it together with screen protector to get best drop protection.

NeWisdom Wood Case

Natural, healthy and comfortable product in good quality is NeWisdoms pursuit.

Don't worry about the bad chemical smell. Because we make this NeWisdom wood case only use the most healthy material (custom design with customized Genuine wood Layer and customizable Premium TPU Rubber).

No two cases' wood grain are the same. Want something different?That's it!

Let's feel the real -wooden touch, getting close to the nature.

iPhone 7 DROP TEST from Stairs with NeWisdom shockproof kit

(Shockproof case +Tempered Glass Screen Protector)


Whether it is real Wood Layer on TPU?

Knife Scratch Test - NeWisdom Case Review for iphone6



1.The wood grain on the case you get will be a bit different since there are not exactly 2 same leaves in the world.

2. A tempered glass screen protector is necessary to avoid screen shattered once dropped on uneven floors.

3. Do not bend it too hard to avoid breaking natural wood layer.

Package Includes:

NeWisdom Wood Case X 1

Service Card X 1

Lifetime Warranty:

NeWisdom reserves the right for final interpretation.

Hear what others have to say.
5.0 / 5
  • Inday1126 2017-07-12 02:33:55
    Five Stars
  • CCS 2017-07-11 02:19:46
    Five Stars
    Nice looking case at a great price
  • JJMel 2017-07-07 02:36:03
    Great protection that looks good!
    Good product. Really protects the phone especially when you add a screen protector. My phone and the floor are close buddies...this case makes sure they don't hurt each other and my bank account.
  • Amazon Customer 2017-06-05 03:51:58
    Five Stars
    Very Happy with Purchase!!!
  • Charlotte 2017-05-31 03:32:19
    I do not write reviews because I am lazy. But this literally just happened to me: I just had a baby the other day and my husband and I were scrambling to get out the door with our two little ones for our baby's first appointment. Driving along about a mile from home we hear a thud off the car and my heart stops. I had left my phone on top of the car and in the middle of a busy street it had fallen off. My husband flips a u-turn and we drive back to look for it. He found it, pulled over, hopped out of the car and ran to grab it. It was out of the case because it had been run over by a car, and face down in the street. It has a small crack in the back near the camera lens from being ran over. Otherwise, it's perfectly fine! In fact I'm writing this review on it this very moment as we drive along to our appointment! Buy this case people.
  • Gary J. Scott 2017-04-25 08:31:20
    It's just fine looks good and feels good I was a little ...
    It's just fine looks good and feels good I was a little bit surprised that there was no fin clear screen saver but I'll just have to be a little more careful otherwise it looks and feels great
  • Curtis Dye 2017-04-17 04:37:29
    Best Case Ever
    I was worried when I bought this case that it wouldn't last but I couldn't have been more wrong. It is now six months old and looks new. It fits the iPhone 7+ perfectly with a glass screen protector. It has the perfect amount of edge to protect the screen. Cutouts are perfect for the camera, speakers and power/headphone plug. Volume and power buttons work great. Slides in and out of the pocket without grabbing but there is enough grip to hold onto it without worrying that you are going to drop it. I love this case.
  • cheesy 2017-04-17 04:36:40
    I really like this case
    This has a nice wood look, it's not wood. Fits on my phone well dropped my phone a lot and hasn't broken yet ( knock on wood
  • Amazon Customer 2017-04-11 04:34:17
    Five Stars
    love it... Exactly what I order..
  • ben 2017-04-05 02:52:37
    Five Stars
    Good quality. It is everything I expected
  • DonkeySmiles 2017-03-24 04:03:29
    Top Notch!
    Nice looking, fits well, secure grip and fair price...not much more you can say except many thanks to NeWisdom for a functional, nice looking and well made iPhone case (and how about other color options for corners instead of black!?)
  • Matthew 2017-03-24 03:58:47
    Sharp Looking and Durable
    This case is great. Light weight, sleek, sharp looking and is protective. The camera is fully covered (case extends past lens) Has a nice grip and does not slip. The black and wood look is very sharp and the fit of the case is perfect. My only complaint is that it isn't the slimmest of cases but without this thickness there would be no protection.
  • Gordon 2017-03-21 02:59:57
    Great Wooden iPhone Case.
    I really like the wooden iPhone case. It's sturdy and made of real wood on the back and secured corners with elasticity making it easy to put it on your iPhone. It appears to be very sturdy and very classy looking.
  • Christopher Cintron 2017-03-16 02:51:46
    Love this case
    Love this case! all my friends always ask me where I got it! all my customers at my job love it too!
  • vvowles 2017-03-08 05:31:10
    Love it! great quality and it really looks like ...
    Love it! great quality and it really looks like wood.
  • vanessapell 2017-03-08 05:30:53
    Absolutely in love with this case
    I'm in love with this case it is amazing and the best feeling case that I have ever bought I will buy more of this I even believe it's better than the OtterBox plus it is not bulky at all. And it's not slippery and it does not leave fingerprints or oily marks on the case . Deafly worth the money. I got the iPhone 7 plus
  • Daisy1 2017-03-08 05:29:03
    Five Stars
  • Jocelyne Duarte 2017-03-06 06:28:20
    Really like the quality
    Impressive case. Really like the quality, feels like it does protect phone with its rubber casing. Great for its price. Previously had a sonix case i got for $35 and it was not worth it- didnt protect phone and didnt last long. Awesome case, would buy again.
  • Renee Taylor 2017-03-02 03:18:26
    iPhone 7 wood case
    Fast ship! Great product! Thank you!
  • Amazon Customer 2017-03-01 02:31:45
    Five Stars
    Best case I have ever purchased hands down. Super stylish and protects the phone really well.
  • Cody Jones 2017-02-27 05:44:06
    Five Stars
    Doesn't really feel like bamboo more like plastic but nice
  • otnetbrett 2017-02-27 05:40:42
    Meaty Beaty big and Bouncy!
    I have the 3x case and have had it for over a year. I have dropped my phone multiple times on the corners and flatly as well. No damage. I have a habit of bouncing my phone on the edge and catching it when it comes off of my desk. I love the case and it provides great protection and feel. The wood is stunning to look at and is old school like me, haha. fits like a glove and doesn't attract attention like having an unprotected phone.
  • eileen.lee5858 2017-02-25 06:54:08
    Five Stars
    Very satisfied! Purchased several other high rating iphone 7 plus case but this one beats them all!
  • Amazon Customer 2017-02-15 03:09:24
    Five Stars
    Works great
  • Amazon Customer 2017-02-13 02:43:04
    Great case
    Best case ever
  • Dachsie Dog 2017-02-13 02:42:49
    Beautiful and functional
    Love this case. Stylish and raised edges to really protect phone...and I drop a good bit.
  • Craig 2017-02-06 05:32:37
    Wood feels real. It's very slim and also the ...
    Wood feels real. It's very slim and also the rubber is very protective. I've only had it a couple days and have gotten tons of compliments on it.
  • Amazon Customer 2017-02-06 05:04:40
    Fits great and I have even dropped it a couple time ...
    Fits great and I have even dropped it a couple time (on accident) and it seems to hold up. I did have to purchase a screen protector because it doesn't offer that. Yeah it's not real wood but do you really expect it to be for $14? It looks the part and that's good enough for me.
  • D. Otto 2017-01-19 05:41:52
    Good case - would buy again
    This is my second NeWisdom case. Had one on my 6s so picked up a new on for my 7. I wish the veneer was a little thicker but this is a good looking case that functions well.
  • Maria Odonnell 2017-01-16 07:09:47
    i love the look
    i love the look. I havent dropped my phone, so not sure on the durability just yet, but it feels pretty sturdy.
  • kleiweke 2017-01-13 05:42:53
    Five Stars
    I like it and it fits perfectly
  • Five Stars 2017-01-10 09:05:38
    Jorge Delgadillo
    Distinctive looks and good designs, my phone look great and is protected good front screen protection also
  • amazon customer 2017-01-09 07:07:40
    All around great product.
    Great fit. Buttons work great. Looks great on the phone. Really nice protection on all corners. Very little increase in size of phone. Would highly recommend and will purchase again. Received on time. Just a great purchase. I received NOTHING for my review.
  • Jonathan Knutsen 2017-01-09 07:07:18
    Great case, great price
    Sleek design, best looking case I've had. When buying I was worried about grip since it's real wood, however the grip is great and fits my 7+ like a glove Comment|
  • Ricardo 2017-01-04 07:47:11
    Great choice.
    Excellent quality, genuine wood, good protection. I do like it a lot! You wont regret it.
  • Aaron 2017-01-03 08:51:05
    Great case
    This case is great, fits my iPhone 7plus perfect. No issues so far . It's made very well and looks just like wood.
  • Spencer kennedy 2016-12-30 04:22:55
    Five Stars
    Love it!!!!!!
  • Crissee 2016-12-09 04:30:11
    Five Stars
    Love it. Snaps in and feels great in my hand. Definitely has the protection without losing the style.
  • Crissee 2016-12-06 07:38:26
    Five Stars
    Love it. Snaps in and feels great in my hand. Definitely has the protection without losing the style.
  • Grant 2016-12-01 04:05:21
    Couldn't be happier with the case
    Couldn't be happier with the case. Fits perfectly, buttons operate as they should, the wood back has good appearance and texture, and the corner bulges look like they will do a good job of protecting the phone, though I hope to not find out (knocks on wood case).
  • Kelly Malone 2016-11-24 02:50:59
    Love this case!
    I had the previous version of this case for my iphone 6plus and this one is even better than the last! It fits snugger and has thicker corners to give better coverage if dropped.
  • Edmnsn8 2016-11-24 02:47:55
    This is a fantastic case. Total protection for my iPhone 7plus
    This is a fantastic case. Total protection for my iPhone 7plus. Many complements on the wood grain back.
  • num1dgh 2016-11-21 02:51:05
    Great choice
    Very nice case . . . fits perfectly while allowing access to buttons and the one port. Easy on and off, and protects well. Thanks to the cat, I've already dropped the phone, and it was well protected! I really like it because it isn't bulky - a 7+ is bulky enough as it is!
  • Edmnsn8 2016-11-21 02:48:35
    This is a fantastic case. Total protection for my iPhone 7plus
    This is a fantastic case. Total protection for my iPhone 7plus. Many complements on the wood grain back.
  • Austin A. 2016-11-15 03:12:45
    Would recommend.
    Awesome case. The corners are a lot thicker than the rest of the case for added protection but it's not bulky or obnoxious. The wood looks great.
  • Kyndal Howard 2016-11-15 03:08:58
    Five Stars
    Perfect case everything is as described! The wood is a really awesome idea!
  • Amazon Customer 2016-10-29 07:05:10
    Five Stars
    Great product...love the look and love the feel...fits my phone perfectly
  • Matthew Rodda 2016-10-12 08:02:43
    Great case
    I love the case and get lots of compliments on it. It looks great and has a nice texture.
  • Amazon Customer 2016-09-23 09:36:41
    Beautiful case and beautiful texture
    This is by far one of the best cases for iPhone. It is also one of the most beautiful cases that I could find on Amazon. The text shut out the world is amazing and the color is beautiful. Because it's the real wood you can get different effects and it would be completely unique. I have bought two of these cases One for my jet black iPhone 7 which looks amazing in it, and the other one for my friend who is also getting a jet black iPhone 7+ in a few weeks. What make me very interested in this case in particular is the soft interior which it won't scratch the back Sir face off my phone and keep safe from micro scratches that you usually get when you put your phone in the hard plastic cases. And after all I am highly recommanding this case for anybody who gets the new iPhone because this case is complementing your iPhone and it looks amazing and uniquely yours. I like how they did this forward thinking when they designed and choose the material for the case.