About NeWisdom

Who we are

We are NeWisdom Valley, a company established in 2014,with Brand "NeWisdom" in USA,European and Australia and China. It is grouped with a team of young people full of dreams and ideas, which are professional at gathering breakthrough technologies and innovative products. Especially in the field of Creativity-nurturing toys and Educational games.

NeWisdom aims to foster children's problem solving,critical thinking,reasoning,spatial and artistic skills through STREAM toys.(STREAM toys,which refers to toys based on science,technology,robotics,engineering arts and maths concepts)

What make we different

Creative & Young Team. With average age 32 years old,30% with overseas studying or working experience, who are active thinking and understand children's world.

Dedicated. We just focus on toys belong to new and wisdom, which making Children's Playtime more Entertaining,Educational and Interactive.

What our mission is

Learning through play.
Help you enjoy the bonding time with your kids!
Make your kids more creative!

NeWisdom! New! Wisdom!