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Art and Crafts for girls.Let children use their hands and brains at the same time. Make kids more creative!

NeWisdom DIY Bags Kit, help your kids learning through play. Let children use their hands and brains at the same time. Make the next generation more creative! NeWisdom! New! Wisdom!

Great gift idea for birthdays, parties, after school fun, summer projects and holidays!

We really hope this helps you out if you're stuck on what gift to make for your daughter, niece, granddaughter, friends’ daughter,cousin or Sister’s little Kids!

Put down your phone,put away your work,spend a special time with your lovely kids.






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4.5 / 5
  • ShopperShopping 2019-11-08 12:31:15
    Patience is a must.
    I do not enjoy tedious crafts. This is a tedious craft and requires patience to put together. I would say that this is not for younger children. As an adult it requires some skill to get the pieces together. Small hands are going to be challenged with this one. You could certainly bond over it but the adult will end up doing the majority of this craft. Block out an afternoon for this one. Mine is still not complete.
  • Goddess of Chaos 2019-11-08 12:31:05
    Took two adults quite a while... we had fun... but we got REALLY FRUSTRATED at times!
    This is not a simple craft. My friend and I are both crafty, or at least somewhat crafty, and we found this quite frustrating. There are enough pieces to make the stripes they give you the pattern for or one or two other VERY colorful patterns, but if your kiddo likes solids, or very simple with minimal colors, this may not be for them. I had been hoping to test this out, make sure it wasn't too hard (it is HARD to fit the pieces together, definitely have adult help at hand for kids under 10 or 11) and then take it to a kid I know, and offer that we could change up the colors however she wanted. I do not think that is realistic. Once the pieces are together, they can come apart, but I do not know how easy it is, or how often they could come apart. The white pieces for attaching the handles, and the liner, are good... but again, I am unsure how often that would be easy to change. Additionally, you have VERY little choice about what order to put the pieces in the very top row in. We had fun figuring out the diagonal pattern, and were glad there were enough pieces... but I was hoping to share this with a kid who is BIG on pink and purple, and wish there had been enough "Extra" pieces that you could have a non-rainbow version. The finished product is VERY plasticy. Young kids may have fun with it, but I think at about 12 or over, they will look at you a bit odd if you suggest they carry it around town. This is not a fashion statement in the making, but it is a great experience in creativity, seeing how things piece together, experimenting with a pattern, and learning some of the basics of crafting.
  • joshua gipson 2019-11-08 12:30:52
    cool purse
    really cool idea and nice purse
  • tyler b. 2019-11-08 12:30:39
    I really enjoyed doing this craft with my niece it was a great activity for any kid. She loved it and I believe it was quite educational as well as fun:) I would say any kid needs help doing this but that’s the point it’s supposed to be an activity to do with your kids. Overall a great fun product that kids love.
  • Mia 2019-11-08 12:30:26
    Good quality product.
    Great puzzle bag, good for a gift. Easy to make, I have a lot of fun making this bag with my niece.
  • DJY51 2019-11-08 12:30:14
    Creative And Useful
    Young girls can learn about planning and patterning while making themselves adorable bags. This toy is perfect for six and seven year olds, but I doubt girls much older would find it challenging enough.
  • Hezzabeth 2019-11-08 12:30:03
    Challenging toy
    I’m reviewing an updated version of this product. First of all it games with the same computer print out instructions as previous purse. It also does not come in official packaging as I assume this is a demo. It works the same as the other purse but the plastic seems to be better quality. I would say this is a great toy for kids who are patient and like making things. I could see other kids getting frustrated with making a purse however.
  • @ExceptionallyK 2019-11-08 12:29:54
    Cute creative gift
    This is a super cute gift. Perfect for my daughter who loves to put things together. It's a great way to encourage creativity where your child can show off her work time and time again. And I love that it's functional!!
  • Creative Coffee 2019-11-08 12:29:44
    Very Complicated for a Childs’ Toy
    My 9 year old loves to do crafts and watch YouTube videos about crafting. I got her his in hopes of having a nice afternoon craft for the weekend. Well, this was a total bust. Even after watching the YouTube vids about how to do this craft, she was unable to do it on her own. The rubber blocks are hard to link together and the tool that is included is frustrating aid in assembly. After an hour you can see how little was accomplished. She was a good sport about it and put all the pieces back the box and said she would try again another day. I just think that this craft is overly complicated for a young child. I think a tween or teenager would enjoy it more.
  • LoveBooks 2019-11-08 12:29:30
    Perfect gift for the quirky girl
    My daughters friend loves really different interesting gifts. This fit her style and personality. She really liked it because she can say she made it. I was surprised that the pieces were bendy and she could bend them and place them together. This is an interesting idea and a 13 year old figured it out and made it.
  • Oliver DeMille, TJEd 2019-11-08 12:29:19
    Clever and time-consuming
    This is a great project for someone wanting a simple DIY craft. It's time-consuming, but not complicated. The end product is well-designed and creates a good finish of something you can actually use and keep. Great for gifting! Our 15yo daughter loves it.
  • Andrew L 2019-11-08 12:29:09
    Daughter loves this!
    My daughter loved putting this together and loves using it! It kept her busy and entertained.
  • Sarah 2019-11-08 12:29:00
    Fun project!
    My daughter (6) loved putting this purse together and I loved helping her with it. It was reasonably easy to follow the pattern and get the same purse as the picture- although it does allow you some room to make your own pattern (you have to follow the pattern for the edges of the purse, everything else is up to you). They also gave extra pieces which is really nice. My only complaint is that the chain that goes on the outside is really long. I think it’s meant to make it a cross-body bag, but I kind of liked it as a decoration like in the picture. It’s really cute all finished and small- so a perfect project and something for a younger child to keep.
  • Anna W 2019-11-08 12:28:47
    Keep Them Busy
    My 9 year old cousin came to visit and this little DIY purse kit kept her very busy. It was fun for her to put it all together and make something useable. I wouldn't carry this bag as an adult woman, but she liked it and had a lot of fun making it.
  • Amy Lynn 2019-11-08 12:28:38
    DIY Tote Bag
    Little plastic carrying case with all the parts needed to make your own colorful handmade bag. In the package you get a bunch of different colored links that fit together along with 2 hand straps, a pink chain, button/button nuts, star button tool, inner pocket and spare parts pack. Comes with directions with pictures that tell you how to make a standard bag. You can also make a different bag than the standard version. As far as quality all the parts are good. Links of the bag are made of a rubbery flexible material and are easy to piece together. Straps of the purse are also good. Comes with a little card for a mystery gift. Love everything about this little kit. Good for creativity, bonding time, self-expression. It's a well put together kit and a thoughtful product.
  • Liz 2019-11-08 12:28:28
    rainy day craft project
    This is a fun bag to make as a craft project. It can be completed in about an hour. My girls had fun making it. It is a bit heavy when it’s done but pretty solid.
  • whitneyid 2019-11-08 12:28:18
    Unique craft for girls
    So creative and neat! My daughter loves to do crafts and she loves purses so this is great.... she was working on this for hours it’s still not all the way but it’s a really cute idea for little girls and my daughter is 9 by the way and she loves it. It’s a bit on the expensive side though but still super unique.