2 Coil Fast Qi Wireless Charger
Fast Wireless Charging for Samsung Galaxy S8/S8Plus/S7/S7Edge/S6EdgePlus and Note 5.

NeWisdom Qi Wireless Charging Stand

FAST QI WIRELESS CHARGING: no headache messing with cord, this QI 2 Coils fast wireless charging stand will juice up your phone from zero to full ONE HOUR FASTER than standard qi charger

MORE CONVENIENCE DESIGN: Intelligent LED light clearly show the standby and charging condition and the holder stand can make our phone charging vertically or horizontally, which means we can enjoy movie and music, making calls or sending messages without interrupting while charging

UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY: Two models for wireless charging available: (1) Fast Charge Model(10W Output Max) ONLY for your Galaxy S8,Galaxy S8 Plus, Note 5 and S6 Edge+ / S7 /S7 edge;(2) Standard Charge Model(Output 5W Max) for your standard QI enabled device like Samsung S6 S6 edge

PACKAGE INCULDE: 1*NeWisdom Fast Qi Wireless Charger, 1*Micro USB Data Cable, 1*User Manual, 1* Service Card

NeWisdom Warranty: 30 Days Return for Any Reason, 24 Months Warranty .If You Have Any Questions or Problems, Please Contact us in Time

This Wireless fast charger is fit for various kinds of smartphones and devices that
support WPC-wireless charging and Qi standard. The charging time depends on the
temperature of the environment and the wireless charging stand or pad.
If the temperature of the environment is excessively high, this can lower the charging speed.

And Strongly recommend removing the PROTECTIVE CASE from your phone during
charging, as the wireless charging mode may be effected or even disconnected
due to the thickness or material of the case. (Especially those leather wallet
equipped with a magnetic metal plate, that may cause an over-heat issue)

For galaxy s8, s8 plus, if you use NeWisdom case together with NeWisdom wireless
charger, no need to remove the case while wireless charging

The following link is NeWisdom s8 wood case and s8 plus wood case for your reference:
NeWisdom S8 wood case:

NeWisdom S8 plus wood case:

Models for wireless charging available:
Fast Charge Model(10W Output Max) ONLY for your Samsung Galaxy s8, Galaxy s8 Plus,
Note 5 and S6 Edge+/S7/S7 edge.(Charge instantly on wireless charger)

QC 2.0/QC 3.0 Adaptive Fast Charger is required for the fast wireless charging feature,
Please use the QC 2.0/QC 3.0 or Samsung original power adapter as its power source.

1*NeWisdom Fast Qi Wireless Charger
1*Micro USB Data Cable
1*User Manual
1* Service Card

NeWisdom Warranty:
30 Days Return for Any Reason, 24 Months Warranty.
If You Have Any Questions or Problems, Please Contact us in Time.

Hear what others have to say.
4.8 / 5
  • Kelly.mac 2017-06-22 01:54:19
    Nice quick charge
    Im really pleased that I decided to buy myself this charger. I got it for my Samsung S7 edge and it works great. I leave it plugged in on my bedside table then when I go to bed I just switch it on, place my phone on and wake up to a fully charged phone. Once my phone is fully charged it stops charging and keeps it at fully charged status so no damage is caused to my battery by overcharging. There is a led light that is green when the charger is in stand-by mode it goes when its charging then back to green when fully charged. It comes with a micro usb cable which can bd used with a plug into a socket. It can also be connected directly into a usb port on a Laptop or PC. I get a nice quick charge for my S7 edge. I definitely recommend this charger.
  • Oli Pyke 2017-06-22 01:52:52
    Excellent Charger, does not work when phone is in folding case
    Excellent charger. Fast charging just by popping the mobile onto the holder. The only problem is that with the folding case on the phone, there is no charging. This is to be expected, so I generally do not put the case on it which makes it more likely I will damage it. Taking it out of the case and putting it back in each time is more trouble than plugging a USB charging wire in.
  • Joe 2017-06-14 07:34:06
    Great value highly recommended
    I'd given up on wireless chargers after suffering with the official Samsung puck style charger for the last couple of year, I'd bought it alongside my S7 and was forever tormented at night trying to place my phone in that seemingly minute sweet spot, finally got over that by ordering this, it's o much easier, just set my phone on it and instantly starts charging, no more fiddling around. I've plugged it into my samsung plug so it even does fast charging, I'm currently using it with my Galaxy S8 without any issue. Fantastic charger for a great price, even looks nice beside my bed.
  • Khush Ahmed 2017-06-14 07:31:48
    QI charger for Samsung S7
    I already have a wireless charger but what i liked abput this one i can stand my phone upright so i can see any messages like the charge indicator on the front save me the hassle of connecting cables i just place it on charger when i go be bed always charged for next day perfect