NeWisdom DIY Bags Kit, Fashion DIY Gifts for Girls & her mom sister friends - (1 purse + 1 crossbody bag Classic)
Make parent-child companionship more effective,Make your kids more creative

NeWisdom DIY Bags Kit, help your kids learning through play. Let children use their hands and brains at the same time. Make the next generation more creative! NeWisdom! New! Wisdom!

Great gift idea for birthdays, parties, after school fun, summer projects and holidays!

We really hope this helps you out if you're stuck on what gift to make for your daughter, niece, granddaughter, friends’ daughter,cousin or Sister’s little Kids!

Put down your phone,put away your work,spend a special time with your lovely kids.






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4.4 / 5
  • LifePathin4D 2019-11-29 10:58:57
    Recommended item
    This is a cute DIY bag set that you and your child can put together and make a very cute little set of bags for her. or even one for yourself too It come with everything you need and it is great for a rainy day project or a together-time project.The end result is surprisingly nice and it's fun & pretty easy to do. 4 stars.
  • Nicole 2019-11-29 10:58:43
    Great for a rainy day craft.
    This week has been a wet one here in sunny FL. When this happens I have to do fun indoor activities with my three year old. Ive had this for a while and we've finally have had the opportunity to do it. She loved making her own "princess" purse. We hot glued rhinestones to it glittered it made it our own. Best of all this passed the time by while it was busy being wet outside. I would recommend this for any parent to likes to keep crafting activities around for rainy or snowy days. This should do the trick with your little girl.
  • Sharon 2019-11-29 10:58:25
    Maybe best for children above 7
    I got this purse set to assemble with my 5 year old niece. She tried hard, but I think she was a little young for it. Once I sat down to do the set with her, it was fine. We still had a lot of fun together making the purses so it was a good project. I was just hoping it was something she could do alone and be so proud of herself for doing it alone. She's at this stage where she really wants to do things on her own. But she's really happy with the finished purses and she loved spending those 2 hours with me.
  • Jessica D. Adams, Author 2019-11-29 10:58:05
    Very fun and cute craft, but hard to do
    This DYI purse kit is a fun and cute craft to do. There are two different sets to do, so a mom and a child could each do one at the same time, or two sisters, or two friends since there are two sets of instructions and two tools as well. The pieces are soft and flexible and the tool is hard plastic. The hardest part about the craft is using the tool. It is hard on the fingers to press down to pop the pieces together. I tried to pop the pieces together with just my fingers and it won't work, you need to use the tool. That makes it difficult to complete in one sitting because it is time consuming and hurts your fingers after a while from using the hard plastic tool. If the tool would be covered with soft fabric at the top I think it would make it better. I would recommend this craft activity for children older than the listed age in the product description because it requires a lot of fine motor skills and also is tedious and time consuming, so I can't really see a 6 or 7 year old enjoying this as much as an older child. I'd say age 8 or above would be better. I received this craft kit free and this is my unbiased review of the product.
  • Mia 2019-11-29 10:57:42
    Fun activity
    Super cute thing to do that actually has purpose as oppose to just creating a mess lol love it
  • chicmama 2019-11-29 10:55:57
    Great fun!
    My daughter loved making this project! We did it together, but it was fun! She's very proud of the purse she made. I think all girls, especially crafty ones, would love to receive this as a gift!
  • cliffordroy 2019-11-29 10:55:39
    Nice Craft to do with the kids
    I saw this and had to get it for my granddaughter she loves crafts and this really looks nice to do, it comes with everything that is needed to assemble it and it looks really nice , will keep the kids busy for hours while i get my house cleaning done
  • Just a dad 2019-11-29 10:55:27
    Hours of fun
    This kit came with more pieces than I thought. There is enough to make at least two small bags. My eight year old spent one or two hours playing with this. She initially had trouble with the final part putting the bag together after she assembled all the pieces. I challenged her to figure it out instead of asking for my help. Eventually, she put it together and it looks great. It's like the lego of bags. Each tile is actually soft and flexible. She naturally likes puzzles and this kit was a fun project for her.
  • DL 2019-11-29 10:55:13
    Fun project with an adult's help
    This DIY toy purse kit comes with enough materials to make two small purses. Most of the materials are split out and packaged separately into the two purses that can be made. There are two spring-type barrettes that can be clipped on the purses once they're done. You can also use your own embellishments if you want. Each individually packaged kit has squares of flexible vinyl that snap together. There is also a strap (either wrist or shoulder) and liner with pre-sewn zipper. It also includes plastic nuts and bolts for attaching the liner and a star tool for making sure the vinyl pieces are secure. There are a couple of extra pieces, and there are some options for making the purse unique. Assembly was fairly easy until it came time to fold the purse. An adult will need to help with the rest of assembly after this point. The liner seemed like it was a little too small. The bolts for attaching the liner are sharp on the end (see last picture). You will need to cut these ends with scissors. The nuts pop off too easily for something that will be played with. Instead of using the nuts and bolts that come with the kits, I recommend getting a whole bunch of tiny buttons, and for each hole in the purse, put one button on the outside and one on the inside (with the liner between the inside button and the purse), then sew the two buttons together. Another option is to get some yarn and a darning needle to sew the liner on. If you're a dad helping your daughter assemble this, I'm sure you would prefer to use duct tape. Please let your daughter choose the color of duct tape, though. The end product is definitely not a collector's item. I'm not sure how well it will hold up when played with, but a crafty kid will figure out how to make it work. This kit should be purchased with the idea that it is a crafty item to keep kids occupied one day.
  • Mark Gilden 2019-11-29 10:55:01
    Fun rainy day activity, but difficult
    My girls were super excited to do this project and I have to award points for it keeping them busy on a rainy summer afternoon. But it turns out it is a little bit more difficult to finish than they expected. It's not actually very hard, but there are a lot little parts that easily get lost if you're not careful, and the repetitive nature of it had them losing interest towards the end. They are 6 and 9 years old for reference, but really should have had an adult actively help them complete it. My wife and I helped them start, then they insisted they could finish it themselves, so we left them alone. We came back and found them giving up- they were having trouble finding the parts they wanted and arguing over a particular color (they were making 2 bags and one had hogged all the pink squares) and had done part of it wrong and needed to back track to undo it... they decided it was taking too long and just put it all back in the box for another day instead. They did enjoy it when they were working on it, but they still don't have a single finished bag out of it. Maybe other kids would enjoy it more.
  • Ma'ama 2019-11-29 10:54:40
    Easy to make purses.
    This kit comes with enough materials to make 2 purses. It includes 1 wristlet strap and 1 chain strap. The purses are fun and easy to make. Be sure to use the included star tool to punch the pegs through the holes. I’m deducting 1 star because the rubbery pieces come apart too easily, after you put the purse together.
  • Ana Figueroa Ramos 2019-11-29 10:54:25
    Great for child gift
    It is a fabulous kit for the creation of 2 puzzles-shaped wallets, it has a guide of colors and numbers for the creation of these and two bags of soft Mayan fabric with zippers to be placed inside. This article allows the child to use their color memorization skills and numbers while creating at the same time. It also has a small pink bow. The box where the pieces come from is of good quality and can be recycled to store small items such as pencils and crayons.
  • my2cents 2019-11-29 10:54:12
    Fun and easy
    My 10 year old had a great time with this kit. It is easy to use and allows for several different designs. Perfect for a young kid that is into fashion.
  • Amanda Gilbert 2019-11-29 10:53:58
    So cute! Can’t wait to make this with my little girl!
  • teeinep 2019-11-29 10:53:12
    Very nice gift for a girl; it challenges the child to figure out how to. The pieces have numbers and the instructions show the pieces with numbers to guide the child. Still needs a little input from an adult to get them started. Perfect for school projects.
  • Lezette C. 2019-11-29 10:52:33
    Nice plastic materials
    Yay!! My baby girl love it.she really like this so much.she says to me it makes her mind sharp making this. To all momies shop now for your daughter you will never regret.make girls Happy